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Communication and Personality Types

The inherent difficulties in communication and how personality differences create relationship problems. Learn what personality type you are and how to get along with others.
Duration - 52:41

Communication Duration - over 15 minutes Personality
Truby Management System (TMS) Implementation

The Truby Management System (TMS) is the infrastructure that creates abundant success. This skillset contains the teaching and the tools to implement it successfully.

Truby Management System
TMS Step 1: Team Profile and Bonding

It's been proven scientifically, that every high-performing team needs to have the foundation of a "Team Bond." This tutorial will show you how to create team bonding, plus how to maximize a team’s strengths while managing its weaknesses.
Duration - 8:53

Duration - 8-10 minutes Truby Management System
Why Managers Violate Natural Laws

A downloadable pdf version of the free article – Why Managers Violate Natural Laws.

Where to Look When Setting Goals Makes a Difference

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - Where to Look When Setting Goals Makes a Difference.

Three Elements of a Good Coaching Experience

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - Three Elements of a Good Coaching Experience.

Leadership Personal Life
Teamwork – Get More Done with Less

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - Teamwork – Get More Done with Less.

Team Management
Shipwreck – A Lesson in Leadership

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - Shipwreck – A Lesson in Leadership.

Productivity and Profitability Gains through Efficiency Systems

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - Productivity and Profitability Gains through Efficiency Systems.

Marketing for a Nonprofit Organization

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - Marketing for a Nonprofit Organization.

Layoffs – Managing Those Left Behind

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - Layoffs – Managing Those Left Behind.

People Management
How to Start a Relationship Safely

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - How to Start a Relationship Safely.

Personal Life
Effective Hiring – Nine Questions to Hire the Right Person for the Job

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - Effective Hiring – Nine Questions to Hire the Right Person for the Job.

A Six-Step Process to Manage and Resolve Conflict

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - A Six-Step Process to Manage and Resolve Conflict.

Conflict Resolution
Guide to Better Understanding and Relating to Temperament Types

A detailed summary of the four temperament types and a guide to predicting how each temperament type acts, what motivates them, how to sell them on an idea or a product, and how to anticipate their questions.

History of Personality Type Terminology

A brief summary of the history of personality type terminology, why Truby Achievements uses four temperament types, and where these temperament types originate.

Dealing With Low Performers

A downloadable pdf version of the free article - Dealing with Low Performers.

People Management
“Re-Mind” List – Remember, Refresh, Recharge

The Truby Management System is designed to give quick and sustainable results. However, no one learns everything on the first go around. This list refreshes AND continues the training.

Meeting Tutorials – Brief Tutorials for Huddles or Staff Meetings

Thirty, 10-minute or under tutorials that can be used at a huddle or staff meeting.

Note: These tutorials, all under 10 minutes, are listed in shortest (2:00 minutes) to longest (9:21 minutes).

Business Growth Skillset

The Truby Management System positively affect the metrics that indicate business success – productivity, profitability, retention, and growth. This skillset enhances that success and growth.

Business Management
Personal Mastery Skillset

Often called “emotional intelligence,” our Personal Mastery Skillset will help you become confident, free and work with purpose, AND give you the ability to interact well with others.

Personal Life
Accountability Skillset

Relentless accountability has been a teaching, indeed, an expectation, within the Truby Management System since its inception. This skillset teaches you how to achieve it.

Team Member Skillset (Use for new hires)

Team members who work together well…work together well. But that doesn’t just happen. Good leadership and management are important. But the team member needs to understand and practice some basic skills, too.

Team Management
Management Skillset

Leadership skills are not enough. There is a need to lead people AND manage process. The tools in this skillset, used alongside the Leadership Skillset, create abundant success.

Leadership Skillset

Leadership is THE power that determines the success (or lack thereof) of a company. The training in this skillset will have a quick and direct effect on the team and the company.

Stress Management

Stress that is not managed can lead to burnout, a more serious condition. In any case, stress can prevent you from being an effective leader. Why? Because it limits your energy, narrows your perspective, and affects your interactions with others. This tutorial will help you.
Duration - 14:09

Duration - 10-15 minutes Leadership Personal Life
Learned Helplessness

Research findings about a concept called "Learned Helplessness" teach us about some dynamics that can paralyze our team. If any aspect of learned helplessness exists, it prevents the team from being successful, growing, or even dealing with problems. Learn how to fix this here.
Duration - 8:48

Duration - 8-10 minutes Team Management
The Peak-End Rule

There is some fascinating research that maps out how and when people judge your team, plus your product or service. It amounts to the "peaks" in the experience and the "end." In this tutorial, you will learn how to leverage those times to reap abundant success.
Duration - 6:27

Business Management Duration - 5-8 minutes Retail
Discovering Your Purpose

People are happier if they are consciously living their purpose. But few people know what their purpose is...or even how to find it. This tutorial shows you how. And when you use the training to find and live your purpose, you will experience a greater meaning, and more fulfillment in life.
Duration - 10:33

Duration - 10-15 minutes Personal Life
Creative Flexibility

There are five important leadership characteristics, one of which is creative flexibility. This tutorial teaches you how your brain functions when it comes to creativity, and how to practice exercises to increase your ability to be flexible and creative. Today's world demands this trait.
Duration - 7:08

Duration - 5-8 minutes Leadership
Never Fire Anyone Again

If you follow all the instructions in many other trainings within the Truby Management System, you will rarely have to use the tool in this tutorial. Nevertheless, there may come a time when you have a team member who just isn't cutting it. If that's the case, this is the tool.
Duration - 10:38

Accountability Duration - 10-15 minutes People Management

You've hired a new team member. Now what? There is a necessary process to orient, train and assimilate the new person into the team. This tutorial will help you know how to do that. The tool here strengthens the team and prevents the new hire from leaving.
Duration - 6:57

Duration - 5-8 minutes
Hiring Right

You can weaken a team by hiring a "warm body." Further, you can weaken the team by hiring someone with the right skill sets but don't fit into the team. This tutorial helps you find the right person who will be a good fit for the team and your company.
Duration - 8:29

Duration - 8-10 minutes Hiring
Breaking Habits

We all have habits. Some good. Some bad. A leader with a bad habit is problematic, because that negative behavior and/or consequence from the bad habit, affects the entire team - probably the entire company. This tutorial teaches you how to break habits - for good!
Duration - 9:21

Duration - 8-10 minutes Leadership Personal Life
You Can’t Fail

If you use the tool and perspective in this tutorial, you simply cannot fail at achieving your goal. You learn how to practice this simple process, and you will learn how you don't have to beat yourself up if/when you get off track.
Duration - 4:44

Duration - 3-5 minutes Mindset
Mind Shifts

Need something to change? Want to change it quickly? Want the change to last? Using a "Mind Shift" is the quickest way to evoke change. Not only is it nearly instantaneous, but it is also predictably sustainable. Learn where you can use a mind shift to create change, and how to do it.
Duration - 4:59

Duration - 3-5 minutes Leadership Mindset
Systems Thinking

A necessary leadership characteristic is "systems thinking." This tutorial tells you more about that skill. Both from a mindset perspective as well as a pragmatic, usage perspective. You'll learn about interconnected systems, and systems of flow, and why both are important.
Duration - 7:05

Business Management Duration - 5-8 minutes Productivity

It's important to celebrate achievements. In fact, high-performing teams celebrate ALL achievements. But it's not just about having a party. We have designed a 4-part celebration process that is not only fun for the team to look forward to, it actually improves them.
Duration - 6:34

Duration - 5-8 minutes Team Management
How to Have a Healthy Self-Esteem

This tutorial is freeing. It shows you where you received your initial self-esteem, and shows you how to have a healthy self-esteem, quickly. This teaching has been a foundation of leadership and personal development for decades. It is unique to Bill Truby. And it works!
Duration - 26:24

Duration - over 15 minutes Leadership Personal Life

Successful leaders use what is called "championing" to embed beliefs and behaviors in the team or company. It's a simple tool, but used consciously and consistently creates great results. Further, involving others to "champion" something leverages the results even more.
Duration - 4:37

Duration - 3-5 minutes
Marketing Model

Growing your business isn't about just trying to sell more. It's about maximizing your "value" - and ensuring that value is unique, wanted, hard for others to compete with. Then, it's about creating a compelling set of messages and methods to get the word out. Good news...this method works!
Duration - 11:47

Duration - 10-15 minutes Marketing
Formula for Building Relationships

We build relationships in all aspects of life - personal and professional. The formula in this tutorial reveals two important dynamics that help you build a relationship. Further, the formula can help you assess the relationships you already have.
Duration - 7:11

Duration - 5-8 minutes Marketing People Management
Meeting Management

Ineffective meetings seem to be a big time waster in America. Often leaders don't know how to hold a meaningful, effective meeting. There are two pieces of evidence: 1) Too many meetings on the calendar, and 2) People don't desire meetings. Fix these problems with this training.
Duration - 7:30

Duration - 5-8 minutes Meeting Team Management
Live a Balanced Life

For many leaders, life is out of balance. And often they can't figure out why, except the "obvious" - that their work life is taking up too much of their time. But there's more to it. This tutorial shows you the seven areas of life where you need fulfillment in order to feel balanced.
Duration - 8:26

Duration - 8-10 minutes Personal Life
Passive Aggressive Behavior

Passive aggressive behavior is prevalent...in MANY relationships. How do you deal with it? The first step is to understand it, and become aware of it. Passive aggressive behavior is often so subtle, we get sucked in without even know it. Understand these dynamics here.
Duration - 3:27

Communication Duration - 3-5 minutes People Management
Building a Task Team – for Senior Managers

Designed with more in-depth teaching for senior managers, this tutorial shows you how a task team is an amazing tool to help analyze a problem, define and design a solution, or conduct a project process.
Duration - 8:35

Delegation Duration - 8-10 minutes Team Management
Building a Task Team

A task team is an amazing tool to help analyze a problem, define and design a solution, or conduct a project process. This simple teaching has created involvement and a greater sense of "ownership" in team members who help the leader deal with issues in the team or company.
Duration - 5:34

Delegation Duration - 5-8 minutes Team Management
The Problem Slayer

Tired of the same negative problem happening over and over again? Then it's time to slay that dragon. This tutorial has solved the problem of recurring problems, negative issues that keep popping up, and repeated mistakes. Simply use "The Problem Slayer."
Duration - 3:35

Duration - 3-5 minutes Leadership Team Management
Unwanted Realities

There are things in life that are irritating, frustrating and can be downright angering. Even in our business and team, we can have recurring dynamics that don't change. How do we deal with those? This tutorial will help you assess the likeliness of change, and what to do if change can't occur.
Duration - 6:27

Duration - 5-8 minutes Mindset Personal Life
The Psychology of Play

Fun at work? It's been shown that people who have a sense of "fun" at work have better morale, greater retention rates, and are even more productive. This tutorial reveals how to do that. How you do it might surprise you.
Duration - 5:09

Duration - 5-8 minutes People Management Team Management
ROI Thinking

ROI - Return on Investment. Did you know you were born with this mindset? You want a "return on investment" for anything and everything - from a meal, to a book, to a party. We need to have that same mindset at work!
Duration - 2:40

Business Management Duration - under 3 minutes Profitability
Five Things Leaders Manage

There are five things a leader SHOULD manage - yet three take a front row seat, while the other two get shoved to the back. Yet the two categories of management we're talking about have a dramatic effect on everything. Learn what the five are; and how to not neglect any.
Duration - 2:05

Business Management Duration - under 3 minutes Leadership
Four Reasons for Lack of Follow Through

Leaders often encounter team members who don't follow through. Though many leaders don't have the wisdom to not only determine the reason (and there are only four) as well as to apply the appropriate fix. This tutorial fixes all of that.
Duration - 4:00

Accountability Duration - 3-5 minutes Team Management
Trust and Accountability

Communication and trust are the two most important ingredients on a team. This tutorial shows you how to build an accountability trail built on trust, and what to do if trust is broken.
Duration - 19:39

Accountability Duration - over 15 minutes Team Management
Symptoms of Lack of Teamwork

There are symptoms that you can observe in your team that indicate a lack of teamwork. Though there is a multitude of them, even one is sufficient to reveal the fact that you don't have a high-performing team. This tutorial will show you what those symptoms are, and what to do if you observe one.
Duration - 2:26

Duration - under 3 minutes Team Management
What is a Team?

Because how you think, determines what you do, a team of people need to share the same mindset. This is important for alignment AND behavior. This tutorial reveals mental models held by many of today's teams that can damage teams and limit their success.
Duration - 11:34

Duration - 10-15 minutes Team Management
Five Leadership Traits

A two-year study conducted by Bill Truby revealed five key components every successful leader has. This tutorial will enable you to assess yourself to determine your basic leadership abilities. If you lack one, or more, of the five traits, you will be limited in your leadership effectiveness.
Duration - 5:14

Duration - 5-8 minutes Leadership
Get What You Expect

You cannot have what you cannot envision. Your mindset, your expectations, what you are focused on - will materialize, as you intend. Leaders aren't lucky. They look for, plan for and create success. And it starts in your mind. This tutorial exposes the importance of a mindset that expects success - because it's a consistent fact, "You get what you expect."
Duration - 3:25

Duration - 3-5 minutes Mindset People Management
Communicate Clearly

Ever wonder what went wrong when someone didn't hear what you said? We often blame the other person. But the responsibility for clarity in communication falls to the communicator. This simple tool ensures that you give a clear message - every time.
Duration - 2:31

Communication Duration - under 3 minutes
How to Motivate People

There are plenty of studies that prove, you CAN motivate people. But the obvious, such as a raise in pay, isn't sustainable. This tutorial gives you specific ways to motivate your team members, methods that welcomed, non-manipulative, and sustainable.
Duration - 4:34

Duration - 3-5 minutes Leadership Team Management
Finding Blind Spots

Everyone has blind spots - behavior they are unaware of. The problem with blind spots is, there are too many times this behavior, unknown to us, affects others negatively. Learn how to find your blind spots in this tutorial.
Duration - 7:32

Duration - 5-8 minutes Leadership Personal Life
Three Costs of Waste

There are underlying laws of economics surrounding waste that few people fully understand - especially employees. This tutorial lays out a clear explanation of how ANY loss, be it time, money or other resources, literally costs you three times.
Duration - 3:46

Business Management Duration - 3-5 minutes Profitability Retail
How to Defrag and Reboot

Sometimes you have to put a stop to on-going negative behavior or practices. How do you do that meaningfully with sustainable results? You use the tool of a Defrag and Reboot meeting, explained clearly in this tutorial.
Duration - 6:33

Duration - 5-8 minutes People Management Team Management
Leadership vs. Management

A team or company needs both leadership AND management. The skillsets are different. Which are you? Discover the necessity of both leadership and management in this tutorial and the essence of how you can implement both skillsets.
Duration - 2:31

Duration - under 3 minutes Leadership Management
Value Through Contribution

People treat what they value with respect. This tutorial shows how a leader can be valuable, which will, in turn, cause the team members to respect you more.
Duration - 2:00

Duration - under 3 minutes Leadership
Dangers of Discounting

Learn about the dangers and disasters of unnecessary discounting. Though these consequences are unintended, what's worse, they are little known. Awareness can have a dramatic effect on the sales process... AND your bottom line.
Duration - 11:15

Business Management Duration - 10-15 minutes Profitability
Temperament Types Summary

Learn more about the 4 temperament types including their strengths, weaknesses, and general characteristics.

Stress/Burnout Kit

How to manage the powerful force of stress.

Leaders Lead Toward Achievement

Every high-performing team knows who their leader is, and where that leader is taking them. Lack of clarity in direction suggests a lack of leadership.
Duration - 2:40

Duration - under 3 minutes Leadership Productivity Team Management Truby Management System
Zero Tolerance for Deviation

A mindset of success! Creating a non-punitive calibration point that ensures success.
Duration - 3:21

Business Management Duration - 3-5 minutes Retail
Delegation System

A tool that addresses every eventuality in a delegation process to ensure 100% success. You can have successful delegation EVERY time!
Duration - 9:20

Accountability Delegation Duration - 8-10 minutes
Dealing with Low Performers

How to deal with low performers, and eliminate low performance in your team in as little as one month - possibly less!
Duration - 12:35

Duration - 10-15 minutes People Management Team Management
The Enormous Cost of Waste

The economic truth of how any wasted resource, be it money, time or energy, literally costs you three times the original loss.
Duration - 22:00

Business Management Duration - over 15 minutes Retail
The Power in the Chair

When you understand the hidden power in the leadership role, it helps you maximize your leadership potential, and prevent unintended negative consequences.
Duration - 9:41

Duration - 8-10 minutes Leadership
TMS Step 8: Continuous Improvement

Why continuous improvement is not only helpful, it is necessary. It leverages success and makes your business sustainable. You'll also learn how to have meaningful celebrations that create a continually improving team.
Duration - 7:45

Duration - 5-8 minutes Truby Management System
TMS Step 7: Efficiency Systems

Efficiency Systems save time, energy and money, while decreasing stress, increasing morale, and creating smooth operations. This tutorial shows you the categories of your business where you need systems, and how to create them.
Duration - 8:02

Duration - 8-10 minutes Truby Management System
TMS Step 6: Setting Goals

Without a goal, the leader isn’t leading, and the team isn’t a team – it’s just a group of individuals doing their job.
Duration - 3:56

Duration - 3-5 minutes Truby Management System
TMS Step 5: Delivering the Team’s “Value”

Discovering the magic of aligning around a “value” your customer wants. When you understand your "value deliverable" it grows your business and gives purpose to your team.
Duration - 5:41

Duration - 5-8 minutes Truby Management System
TMS Step 4: Role/Responsibility Expectations

This tutorial teaches you how to clarify outcomes and expectations for every member on your team by using “Role/Responsibility Sheets." It's an important component of an accountability system.
Duration - 5:58

Duration - 5-8 minutes Truby Management System
TMS Step 3: The Team’s Organizational Structure

The importance of clarity and precision in a team’s structure - the org chart. This tool creates a sense of “ownership,” responsibility and clear accountability trails.
Duration - 6:46

Duration - 5-8 minutes Truby Management System
TMS Step 2: Team Agreements

All relationships, all high-performing teams, all groups of people have agreements. They couldn't function otherwise. These ten agreements address ANY eventuality that could come up in a team’s interaction – including attitude, accountability, and performance.
Duration - 14:32

Duration - 10-15 minutes Truby Management System
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