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TMS Step 6: Setting Goals

Goal setting is not just a “nice” thing to do, or a fun thing to do, or an opportunity – it is a necessity. In fact, a team without a goal…is not a team.

Leaders lead people toward achievement. And if that is true, those people ought to know what that achievement (goal) is. If you walked up to any member of a high-performing team and asked the question, “What is your team working towards right now?” each team member would be able to answer that question. What’s more, they would all answer with the same answer.

In a high-performing team, there are many elements that create alignment of time, tools, talents and resources toward achieving a given objective. In fact, there’s no reason to work as a team if there isn’t a collective effort toward a given goal.

Further, reaching goals causes the team to feel like a team. They have the pride of accomplishment. And, they’re able to learn from their success as well as their mistakes or failures.

Goal setting is, indeed, a necessary part of leadership and teamwork. This tutorial teaches you about that fact, plus how to set meaningful goals, as well as what to do when you achieve them.

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