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TMS Step 3: Using Structure to Lead a Team

There are times when the cause of a “problem” may not be as obvious as what people think. Lack of follow-through, poor information flow, decreased motivation and weak accountability CAN have a variety of reasons for the problem, but it also CAN be traced back to an ineffective structure in the organization.

When there is a lack of clarity regarding roles, it can lead to the problems listed above. However, using some simple tools you learn in this training, you’ll be able to build clarity of roles which prevents the problems. It also leads to some fantastic benefits that make the company and team function more smoothly.

From a greater sense of ownership and responsibility, to feeling more motivated, to better information flow – these and many other benefits occur when you have a working org chart. Plus, the type of org chart you build from this training is a working document. It’s not just something that nicely hangs on the wall. It is a tool for accountability, information flow…even diagnosis of a problem in the operations. Additionally, the implementation of this training creates what many companies need a lot of – boundaries!

Duration – 11:17

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