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All high-performing teams celebrate. It’s not only important for morale, it brings the team together for a sense of “we” accomplished “that,” and it gives a sense of movement toward achievement. That’s what leaders should do, anyway – lead the team toward achievement.

But celebrations should not just be about partying. It should be something the team looks forward to, in terms of celebrating achievement, and it’s a time of looking backward, at how the achievement was accomplished.

The four-part celebration process in this tutorial creates a meaningful moment after a team’s achievement. Not only is it fun (there IS the party factor) but it is acknowledging, appreciating, and even helps the team learn from their achievement; both what went well, and what didn’t.

Further, if meaningful celebrations are conducted across the company, there is an element in the four-part process that becomes a continuous improvement opportunity – both for the team, AND other teams who can benefit.

Duration – 6:34

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