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TMS Step 6: Using Goals to Lead a Team

Imagine a team of people wearing their uniforms, holding their sports equipment in hand, standing out in an open field looking at each other. Silly at worst. Meaningless at best. There they stand all ready, but no where to go, nothing to do – and they NEED something to do.

All teams are alike in this respect. Without a goal, the team is a meaningless group of people, gathered together with no expected, predicted or known outcome. However, a goal changes all that. “THIS is what we need to achieve! THOSE are the obstacles to achieving it. And THESE are the tools, strategies and methodologies we will use to achieve.”

Put those dynamics in place, along with a goal, and all of a sudden, you have a TEAM of people aligned toward achieving. It’s all about the goal. Otherwise, you end up with a group of individuals, who happen to be in the same space and time, each doing their individual job. And that’s not going to be very effective at all.

Duration – 7:41

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