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TMS Step 6: Goals – the Basics

Learn where the desire and necessity came from that causes humans to set goals. Understand how that drive works in your individual, team and company life.

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TMS Step 6: Goals – Leading with Influence

How to Set Goals with Those You Influence

This training shows you how to subtly yet meaningfully set goals with people you influence – then experience the joy of achievement and celebration.

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TMS Step 6: Goals – Leading a Team

If You Don’t Have a Goal – You’re Not a Team

Every team needs something to work toward, somewhere to go, some goal to achieve. In fact, without working together toward a goal, a team is not a team. They are simply a group of people doing a job.

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TMS Step 6: Goals – Leading a Company

Creating a Visionary Strategic Plan

This training explains the basic of developing a “VSP” – Visionary Strategic Plan. The elements of this tool have been used to create a strategic plan for small companies as well as multi-million-dollar companies.

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