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TMS Step 8: Improvement – the Basics

Learn about the science, necessity, even the fulfilling aspect of continuous improvement practices and mindset.

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TMS Step 8: Improvement – Leading with Influence

How to Influence Improvement in Those Around You

Stagnation is the first sign of decline. This training will show you how to use simple techniques to improve, grow and thus be sustainable – in relationships, teams and entire companies.

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TMS Step 8: Improvement – Leading a Team

How to Have Continuous Improvement in a Team

Learn four ways to easily lead your team to have continuous improvement.

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TMS Step 8: Improvement – Leading a Company

How a Company Grows with an Improvement Mindset

As go the leaders, so goes the company. In this training, learn how to make continuous improvement and innovation a “safe” practice – thus encouraging and maximizing the synergy of your teams.

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