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Communication and Personality Types

The inherent difficulties in communication and how personality differences create relationship problems. Learn what personality type you are and how to get along with others.
Duration – 52:41

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What is a Team?

Because how you think, determines what you do, a team of people need to share the same mindset. This is important for alignment AND behavior. This tutorial reveals mental models held by many of today's teams that can damage teams and limit their success.
Duration – 11:34

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TMS Step 1: The Sciences and Basics of Bonding

Built on our psychological need to belong, “Bonding” is a scientifically proven foundation for any relationship – be it with one person, a team, or a company.
Duration – 4:50

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TMS Step 1: Using Bonding to Lead a Team

All high-performing teams have an initial process that is used to create a sense of belonging, and bondedness to others in the team. This training shows you a specific exercise to conduct to achieve that.
Duration – 7:48

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TMS Step 2: The Sciences and Basics of Agreements

Using our process on developing agreements has quickly, positively, and dramatically improved relationships and teams. This tool is simple – yet, life-changing
Duration – 7:23

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TMS Step 2: Using Agreements to Lead a Team

Your team will never be the same again when you engage your team in 10 agreements, including the “King of Agreements.” Learn a specific tool and methodology to quickly implement them and get immediate results.
Duration – 10:30

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TMS Step 3: The Sciences and Basics of Structure

Everywhere you look, from our eco-system to a pack of dogs, to a neighborhood…there is always a structure. Learn how to create an effective structure that makes for better interactions and outcomes.
Duration – 3:08

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TMS Step 3: Using Structure to Lead a Team

In this training, you learn how to use an Org Chart as a tool to create clarity of ownership and responsibilities. You will also learn how to use specific dynamics in an Org Chart to improve initiative, motivation and set boundaries – to not take what’s not yours, and not give away what is.
Duration – 11:17

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TMS Step 4: The Sciences and Basics of Expectations

Lack of clarity in anything has a huge negative ripple effect – in efficiency, process, outcome…even relationships. This training helps you prevent problems with a simple tool.
Duration – 3:29

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TMS Step 4: Using Expectations to Lead a Team

Like an orchestra, where each instrument has it’s own sheet music to play, this one-page tool will create clarity for EACH person, or role, on the team – which results in beautiful harmony as you achieve your outcomes.
Duration – 5:53

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