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Dangers of Discounting

Sales people tend to want to please the customer. They will often do whatever they can to “make the sale,” and the most common incentive they offer customers is a discount. But, unfortunately, most discounting, especially unnecessary discounting, backfires on the success of the company.

Obviously, there are times that are appropriate, indeed, important, to discount – price matching, a “loss-leader” sale, etc. But there are MANY times a discount is offered that may not be necessary. This tutorial trains the sales person on what times are beneficial, and what times are not appropriate to discount.

Further, this training will reveal the enormous cost of discounting. The business owner “feels” the effects of the discount, but the employee does not. This eye-opening training often has the team member’s jaw drop when they realize how discounting costs the company three times the amount of the discount, AND the enormous amount of income needed to backfill the financial deficit of an unnecessary discount.

This training has the almost immediate effect of improving your bottom line.

Duration – 11:15

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