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TMS Step 7: Efficiency Systems

The “what” you do, and the “who” that is doing it can be clear and well developed. But if you don’t have an efficient “how,” it’s like walking up the proverbial sandhill – two steps forward, one back.

The key to efficiency, productivity and profitability is to have systems that the team is aligned with. This tutorial will show you the four categories within which you need to develop systems. It will then teach you how to create an effective system, with the necessary elements to make it run smoothly.

When you have clearly defined and designed systems, the company runs itself. Without systems, you are at the mercy of the talents and abilities of a given person. A good person gives good performance. An inefficient person, not so good.

Not only do leaders default to depending on good people, but they also allow multiple systems to be deployed at the same time by different managers in different departments or projects. And that’s like the quarterback saying to his teammates in the huddle, “Let’s run these five plays at the same time. Surely one of them will work.” Clearly, that’s not the way to conduct an efficient business.

Systems become the aligning calibration point to get things done in a smooth, energy saving way, and that ensure good outcomes.

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