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Conflict Management

Most people battle “conflict” when, in reality, the situation they are facing isn’t conflict at all. Why is that important to understand? Because if it’s NOT conflict, it offers (and requires) a different solution path. Interpreting something as “conflict” when it’s not, is like bringing in a tank to get rid of a mosquito. There are better ways.

So, the first thing you will learn is how to determine if the situation you face is, indeed, conflict. And, you will learn that MOST situations you face are NOT conflict. That learning in and of itself will lessen the impact “conflict” has on your life. Further, it will free you to use many other tools that are easily and readily available to you to “fix” the formerly-known-as-conflict situation.

You will learn how emotion can be a formidable enemy when experiencing a “conflict” situation. And you will learn a four-step system to navigate through REAL conflict situations to find closure. This system also helps when someone is upset with you, or “in conflict” with you, even if you are not in conflict with them.

This training has worked magic for people – helping them calmly and confidently deal with the conflict, perceived conflict, and even the friction, that inevitably plagues our life.

Duration – 30:23

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