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Leaders Lead Toward Achievement

A team without a goal is not a team. Why? Because of some common sense thinking about leadership. Think about this…

If there is a leader, that implies the leader is leading. If the leader is leading, it implies the leader is leading people. If the leader is leading people, it implies the leader is leading people toward something – an achievement. A goal!

Leaders… lead… people… toward something, and those people should know what that “something” is – i.e. leading implies movement toward achievement. Toward a goal.

Not only is a goal, or achievement, inherent in the dynamics of a high-performing team, achieving a goal motivates, energizes and gives a sense of accomplishment for the team. The simple inclusion of a goal, that EVERYONE on the team is aware of, aligned toward and working together to achieve is a critical component to on-going team success – in general.

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