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TMS Step 8: Improvement – the Basics

The second law of thermodynamics explains, and predicts, that everything in the universe is headed toward “entropy” – a state of neutrality. That is, unless an energy source stops the decline.

It’s no different in the world of leadership and relationships. Stagnation signals decline. However, leadership can be the energy that prevents entropy. Whether we are looking at your leading with influence, leading a team, or leading a company – each of those relationships is destined to decline, unless you exercise the appropriate leadership skills that can prevent it.

This training will show you how to do that, and the importance of “continuous improvement” being a part of the mindset. In fact, “continuous improvement programs” have limited effect, whereas a “continuous improvement mindset” has deep and lasting effect. It continues to improve people and processes, AND it prevents making the same mistake twice.

See below for implementation training on Leading with Influence, Leading a Team, or Leading a Company.

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