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TMS Step 4: The Science and Basics of Expectations

Learn the science and necessity of creating, or at least clarifying, expectations with you and others.
Duration – 3:29

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TMS Step 4: Using Expectations to Lead with Influence

Using the “power of the question,” you will learn how to implement a process that avoids confusion, frustration and lack of alignment when it comes to understanding the expectations from each person in the relationship.
Duration – 3:36

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TMS Step 4: Using Expectations to Lead a Team

Exactly like an orchestra, where each instrument has it’s own sheet music to play, this one-page tool will create clarity for EACH person, or role, on the team – which results in beautiful harmony as you achieve your outcomes.
Duration – 5:53

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TMS Step 4: Using Expectations to Lead a Company

The training in this step reduces wasted efforts, resources, and energy. You will learn how to create clarity of expectations and outcomes for each department or focal point in your company.
Duration – 4:07

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