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Personality Types and Communication

The inherent difficulties in communication and how personality differences create relationship problems. Learn what personality type you are and how to get along with others.
Duration – 52:41

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TMS Step 1: The Science and Basics of Bonding

Built on our psychological need to belong, “Bonding” is a scientifically proven foundation for any relationship – be it with one person, a team, or a company.
Duration – 4:50

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TMS Step 2: The Science and Basics of Agreements

Using our process on developing agreements has quickly, positively, and dramatically improved relationships and teams. This tool is simple – yet, life-changing.
Duration – 7:23

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TMS Step 3: The Science and Basics of Structure

Everywhere you look, from our eco-system to a pack of dogs, to a neighborhood…there is always a structure. Learn how to create an effective structure that makes for better interactions and outcomes.
Duration – 3:08

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TMS Step 4: The Science and Basics of Expectations

Lack of clarity in anything has a huge negative ripple effect – in efficiency, process, outcome…even relationships. This training helps you prevent problems with a simple tool.
Duration – 3:29

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TMS Step 5: The Science and Basics of Value

Everyone consciously or subconsciously wants to obtain “value” from any transaction – even that of engagement with a leader. Learn how to understand what “value” is and how to deliver it.
Duration – 5:49

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TMS Step 6: The Science and Basics of Goals

Human beings are designed to achieve. We want something to work toward and accomplish. This training shows you where that comes from and how to maximize its dynamics toward achievement.
Duration – 2:54

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TMS Step 7: The Science and Basics of Systems

Learn how to transform your processes into more meaningful, smoother systems.
Duration – 6:23

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TMS Step 8: The Science and Basics of Continuous Improvement

Stagnation is the first sign of decline. This training will show you how to use simple techniques to improve, grow and thus be sustainable – in relationships, teams, and entire companies.
Duration – 7:15

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The Power in the Chair

When you understand the hidden power in the leadership role, it helps you maximize your leadership potential, and prevent unintended negative consequences.
Duration – 9:41

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Value Through Contribution

People treat what they value with respect. This tutorial shows how a leader can be valuable, which will, in turn, cause the team members to respect you more.
Duration – 2:00

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Leaders Lead Toward Achievement

Every high-performing team knows who their leader is, and where that leader is taking them. Lack of clarity in direction suggests a lack of leadership.
Duration – 2:40

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Finding Blind Spots

Everyone has blind spots - behavior they are unaware of. The problem with blind spots is, there are too many times this behavior, unknown to us, affects others negatively. Learn how to find your blind spots in this tutorial.
Duration – 7:32

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The Problem Slayer

Tired of the same negative problem happening over and over again? Then it's time to slay that dragon. This tutorial has solved the problem of recurring problems, negative issues that keep popping up, and repeated mistakes. Simply use "The Problem Slayer."
Duration – 3:35

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The Enormous Cost of Waste

The economic truth of how any wasted resource, be it money, time or energy, literally costs you three times the original loss.
Duration – 22:00

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Meeting Management

Ineffective meetings seem to be a big time-waster in America. Often leaders don't know how to hold a meaningful, effective meeting. There are two pieces of evidence: 1) Too many meetings on the calendar, and 2) People don't desire meetings. Fix these problems with this training.
Duration – 7:30

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Delegation System

A tool that addresses every eventuality in a delegation process to ensure 100% success. You can have successful delegation EVERY time!
Duration – 9:20

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ROI Thinking

ROI - Return on Investment. Did you know you were born with this mindset? You want a "return on investment" for anything and everything - from a meal, to a book, to a party. We need to have that same mindset at work!
Duration – 2:40

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Zero Tolerance for Deviation

A mindset of success! Creating a non-punitive calibration point that ensures success.
Duration – 3:21

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Formula for Building Relationships

We build relationships in all aspects of life - personal and professional. The formula in this tutorial reveals two important dynamics that help you build a relationship. Further, the formula can help you assess the relationships you already have.
Duration – 7:11

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How to Remember a Name - Legacy Learning

People LOVE it when you remember their name. And HATE it when they can’t remember a name. Truby Training to the rescue! This tutorial training teaches you a simple system to easily remember names.
Duration – 14:03

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