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The Psychology of Play

People who have fun at work have higher morale, greater retention, and are even more productive. But how can you have fun without it jeopardizing productivity and efficiency? This tutorial teaches you how.

The teachings in this training come from some significant research about the “psychology of play” and often surprise leaders as to how it is accomplished. As you learn about this while watching the tutorial, you are going to see an amazing alignment with the eight steps of the TMS, Truby Management System. Though, if you are like most leaders, the results of the research, and HOW you obtain “fun” at work, will surprise you.

Not only will you have a familiarity, with the elements that create fun at work, but you will also instantly understand how to do it. This tutorial creates a “mind shift” that eliminates inertial thinking, the ideas we’ve carried from our past. So watch. Learn. And have some fun!

Duration – 5:09

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