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Marketing Model

If you want to grow your business, it’s not about selling more, it’s about making your business more valuable, thus more desirable. Then it’s about creating a compelling, irresistible message and method to get the word out through various sales channels.

The components of the “marketing model” in this tutorial are foundational, indeed, almost magical, when it comes to growing your business. And it centers on one main element – the “value” you deliver to the customer or client.

A company clearly knows what they are “selling” – but research shows, customers and clients buy the “experience” and “value” of what the company sells – not what the company sells. Thus, few businesses understand what customers or clients are really buying. And when you don’t know that, you can’t leverage it.

What makes one furniture store irresistible to a certain customer? It’s not just price. Competition comes more from the “value” of experience and ROI thinking the customer is looking for in this particular transaction.

In other words, finding your unique “value” or unique selling proposition is key to building the other aspects of this marketing model. When you do, you will be able to build a sales strategy from this model, and grow your business – as has countless others when they utilize this tutorial teaching.

Incidentally, ALL of the components in this teaching apply to a team who is delivering something to their “customers” – be they internal or external to the company.

Duration – 11:47

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