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TMS Step 5: Value – the Basics

“Value” is the subconscious motivator that causes people to want your product or service – as a company or a team. Learn where this comes from in this basic tutorial.

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TMS Step 5: Value – Leading with Influence

How Understanding Your “Value” Makes You More “Valuable”

Every relationship needs to provide value to the people in it – or it’s not sustainable. Learn how to discern the desired value in the relationships you are in – relationships where you lead with influence.

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TMS Step 5: Value – Leading a Team

Teams have purpose when aligning with a “value”.

When a team understands what value they are to deliver in the context of doing their work and achieving their goals, it provides meaning and motivation.

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TMS Step 5: Value – Leading a Company

Marketing your “value” creates growth.

This tutorial could be considered a business development training. The concept of discovering, aligning with, and marketing a company’s “value” has made HUGE impacts on growth.

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