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Value Through Contribution

Duration - 2:00

Discussion Questions:
1. As your leader, how can I better contribute to you and your success?
2. How can we better contribute to our clients/customers/patients?

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Symptoms of Lack of Teamwork

Duration - 2:26

Discussion Questions:
1. Which symptoms do we exhibit in our team?
2. Which of the 8 steps in the Management System is weak and therefore causing these symptoms?

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Communicate Clearly

Duration - 2:31

Discussion Questions:
1. Are we guilty of not communicating clearly? If so, what negative results are we experiencing?
2. What can we do to ensure we communicate clearly from now on?

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ROI Thinking

Duration - 2:40

Discussion Questions:
1. Where are we not getting a return on our investment? (of money, time, energy, supplies, any other resource)
2. What can we do better to get a greater return on our investment? (same consideration areas as above)

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Leaders Lead Toward Achievement

Duration - 2:40

Discussion Questions:
1. Is EVERYONE aware of what goal we are moving toward?
2. What prevents us from having movement toward achievement?

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Zero Tolerance for Deviation

Duration - 3:21

Discussion Questions:
1. What typically pulls us off track?
2. Specifically, how can we fix that so we can stay on course?

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Get What You Expect

Duration - 3:25

Discussion Questions:
1. Are there issues that affect us that lower our expectations of our work and achievements?
2. What can we do to have a better mindset, perspective, and expectation?

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Passive Aggressive Behavior

Duration - 3:27

Discussion Questions:
1. Which of our agreements would prevent passive-aggressive behavior?
2. How shall we agree to stop any passive aggressive behavior?

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The Problem Slayer

Duration - 3:35

Discussion Questions:
1. Are there issues that keep surfacing that would stop recurring if we used the Problem Slayer?
2. Is there something that happened recently that we can use the Problem Slayer process on?

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Three Costs of Waste

Duration - 3:46

Discussion Questions:
1. What resource, other than money, have we wasted lately?
2. What one thing would benefit us the most if we stop wasting it? And how can we achieve stopping that waste?

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Four Reasons for Lack of Follow Through

Duration - 4:00

Discussion Questions:
1. What is the main reason most of us don’t follow through here?
2. What process can we agree on to determine the cause of lack of follow through from here on out?

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How to Motivate People

Duration - 4:34

Discussion Questions:
1. Which of the motivators can we better use for our team?
2. Which of the motivators can we better use for our clients/customers/patients?

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Duration - 4:37

Discussion Questions:
1. Who are the informal champions in our team? Let’s acknowledge them.
2. What are we championing right now?

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You Can’t Fail

Duration - 4:44

Discussion Questions:
1. What is our current goal(s) that could benefit from this training?
2. Have we ever not reached a goal because we didn’t believe we could?

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Mind Shifts

Duration - 4:59

Discussion Questions:
1. Are there mindsets we have that need a shift?
2. Are we “stucked” in any aspect of our clinic’s operations or interactions?

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The Psychology of Play

Duration - 5:09

Discussion Questions:
1. How are we doing at living up to our rules, our agreements?
2. How can we better live by the rules/agreements?

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Five Leadership Traits

Duration - 5:14

Discussion Questions:
1. For fun, let’s acknowledge who is the best in our team at each of the five traits.
2. As your leader, which of the five traits do you think I can improve on?

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Building a Task Team

Duration - 5:34

Discussion Questions:
1. Where could we benefit from using a task team right now?
2. Who would like to serve on this task team?

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Unwanted Realities

Duration - 6:27

Discussion Questions:
1. What unwanted realities exist that we keep talking about and therefore wasting energy?
2. Are there “unwanted realities” that we’ve given up on that aren’t really unwanted realities?

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The Peak-End Rule

Duration - 6:27

Discussion Questions:
1. What are the “peaks” in the experience of our workflow?
2. How can we manage the experience of the peak and end of our workflow better?

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How to Defrag and Reboot

Duration - 6:33

Discussion Questions:
1. Is there baggage we are carrying that prevents us from working freely? (No need to acknowledge what it is – if it exists, plan for a defrag and reboot meeting.)
2. What is one small thing we’ve been carrying around that we know we need to let go of – and let’s let it go.

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Duration - 6:34

Discussion Questions:
1. What can we celebrate today? Let’s do a mini-version of this training right now.
2. What goal are we working on and when might we celebrate its achievement?

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Creative Flexibility

Duration - 7:08

Discussion Questions:
1. Let’s play the “what if” game for a few moments now…. What if….?
2. What might we be stuck in a rut on that needs a little creative flexibility thinking applied to it?

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Formula for Building Relationships

Duration - 7:11

Discussion Questions:
1. How can we increase the “intensity” to build a better relationship with our clients/customers/patients?
2. Are there other influencers or stakeholders associated with our clients/customers/patients? If so, how can we increase the “intensity” of building a relationship with them?

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Meeting Management

Duration - 7:30

Discussion Questions:
1. Are there meetings don’t have an effective purpose and should be stopped?
2. Which of our meetings would benefit from implementing this training?

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Finding Blind Spots

Duration - 7:32

Discussion Questions:
1. Let’s focus on our team – who can we ask to give us some feedback to see if we have any blind spots?
2. Has anyone had a blind spot illuminated recently (regarding our team, it’s work, etc.) that was beneficial?

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Live a Balanced Life

Duration - 8:26

Discussion Questions:
1. Is there a way we can support each other’s need to live a balanced life?
2. Are there ways we can have a more balanced life as a team?

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Learned Helplessness

Duration - 8:48

Discussion Questions:
1. Can anyone think of something in our work or team where we are experiencing “learned helplessness” i.e. where we are paralyzed?
2. What is something that we don’t think can change – but it needs to change – that we can tackle as a team and make a difference?

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Delegation System

Duration - 9:20

Discussion Questions:
1. What part of my/our leadership needs to be delegated?
2. What aspect of our workflow is being held on to from a supervisor that really needs to be let go of and delegated?

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Breaking Habits

Duration - 9:21

Discussion Questions:
1. What habits do WE as a team need to break?
2. Are there some new habits we should form as a team?

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