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Live a Balanced Life

Ever feel out of balance in life? It’s a problem when you do, for you. But it’s also a problem when it comes to you being an effective leader.

A “needy” leader is not a good leader. A “weary” leader isn’t either. A leader who is weary from work, needs a break, and feels out of balance, is not going to be leading the team with a full complement of honed leadership skills, nor is there going to be an objective mindset.

Feeling out of balance is common. How does it happen? What is the fix?

Often the answers to those questions are similar. Too much work! And, need a break from work! But that isn’t always the case. In fact, it rarely is THE reason for feeling out of balance.

Years ago, we developed a formula for finding life balance. It comes from understanding the seven areas of life where you need to feel fulfilled. If you are not, in ANY of the seven areas, your whole life feels out of balance.

This tutorial will teach you what these seven areas are, how to determine which one(s) aren’t being fulfilled, and how to fix the problem – and find life balance again…quickly.

Duration – 8:26

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