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TMS Step 2: Using Agreements to Lead a Team

One of the simplest tools in our Truby Management System is the concept of creating agreements. The dynamics of this process improve initiative, a sense of ownership in another person, and greater motivation – not to mention increased morale. In this training, you will learn how to implement 10 agreements that quickly fix any team interaction and performance problems. Those same 10 agreements prevent problems in the future, AND all but eliminate a leader’s need to spend time on those “petty people problems.”

You’ll also learn about our “King of Agreements,” called a COE (Contract of Expectations). This simple tool is one of the most powerful methodologies you can embed in your relationships, including personal and team. This agreement has single-handedly transformed companies, become the foundation for disciplinary processes, and eliminated an enormous amount of wasted time, energy, and resources.

Duration – 10:30

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