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It’s been shown, how a person is oriented, trained and assimilated into a new team, not only has dramatic effect on the current team, it also greatly influences the new hire’s ability to be effective.

The effectiveness of an onboarding process has a direct correlation on a number of key factors. It affects the speed at which the new hire can be a functioning team member. It affects the quality of work, the ability to collaborate with the team, even the overall ability of the team’s effectiveness.

The onboarding process has also been shown to have a direct link to retention. Often, the person leaving a company speaks of an ineffective onboarding process. They never felt fully integrated or supported. And, worse, they never felt like they could fully contribute their talents and skills.

Like the foundation of a house, what is built afterward can only be as solid as the quality of that foundation. The onboarding process is exactly like that.

Duration – 6:57

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