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TMS Step 5: Delivering the Team’s “Value”

Every business, indeed, every business, sells a “value.” Not “values” in the sense of honesty and integrity. But a “value” in terms of what does the customer get of value by purchasing your product or service.

It’s been shown, customers buy the experience of your product or service more than they do the product or service itself. Ten furniture stores in the same town don’t compete on “furniture” sales. They compete on what they offer the customer in the context of selling the furniture – a certain type or style, price, location, delivery and setup services, etc.

And most companies are more in tune with what they are selling (i.e. their product or service) than what the customer is buying (i.e. friendly service, knowledge, some unique selling proposition).

Discovering the magic of aligning around a “value” your customer wants makes you more valuable. And when you understand your “value deliverable” it grows your business and gives purpose to your team.

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