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TMS Step 4: Using Expectations to Lead a Team

Let ANY high-performing team come to mind, then ask the question, “Are there any assumptions on what a person on the team is to do? Or is each person abundantly clear of what is expected of them in their role.” The answer is certainly obvious to most people.

Think of a sports team, a military team, a band, or sailors on a ship. EVERY person is absolutely clear on what they are to do and how it fits into the overall functioning of the organization. Further, this clarity isn’t done “on the fly.” It is done from thought, experience, clear communication, and agreement to ensure the person in a given role plays the right notes when it’s time for their “instrument to perform”.

This training creates this kind of performance in your high-performing team. Plus it helps you know how to manage your key performance indicators. This step is critical for people to work as a team of individuals, rather than a group of individuals, each just doing their job as best as they know how.

Duration – 5:53

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