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Mind Shifts

How often do you have to touch a hot stove to learn to not touch it again? And how often do you have to go to a “training refresher” to remind you NOT to touch a hot stove? Clear. Isn’t it. You only have to touch it once. And you don’t have to be reminded.

Mind shifts work in a similar fashion. When you learn something new that truly gives you better results, that replaces a method or behavior you’ve held on to for a long time, you not only learn it instantaneously, the learning sticks. It’s sustainable.

This tutorial not only shows you the dynamics of a mind shift, and how it is such a beneficial tool; it teaches you how to use mind shifts. You will learn how to implement this tool in your personal life, and how to use the tool to create instant and sustainable change in your team.

Duration – 4:59

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