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What is a Team?

As with everything in life, how you think determines your attitude and behavior, how you interact…even the success of your outcomes. This is true in an individual. It is doubly true in a group of individuals, like a team and its leader.

There are mindsets of what a team is supposed to be, that actually limit team dynamics, limit effectiveness, and actually cause difficulty. What makes these mental models so dangerous is this: they appear to be good, noble, even good, kind and considerate of the team member.

Nevertheless, these mindsets have elements that backfire. The teaching in this tutorial reveals three mental models, commonly held, that negatively affect the team. The dynamics are subtle, insidious, and often not obvious. Yet, by using the perspective in this tutorial, you will see the damaging effects of these mental models. You will learn how to create a powerful perspective the team members can hold that will create a high-performing team with synergistic results.

Duration – 11:34

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