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Symptoms of Lack of Teamwork

A high-performing team has certain characteristics that help the team function with success. However, there are symptoms you can observe that indicate there is a problem. Troubled teams exhibit these symptoms.

The tutorial will show you, there are quite a few symptoms. Most people immediately relate to them and readily state their awareness of a few of them in their team. Then, their ready observation is stunned into silence when they learn that even ONE of these symptoms is sufficient to reveal the lack of teamwork.

Yet, there is another important dynamic in what this tutorial will teach you. Unlike symptoms associated with an illness, in a team, you can’t treat the symptom. We can do that in our bodies, but it is completely ineffective in a team. Treating a team symptom is like playing “whack a mole.” You make headway on one negative behavior, then another one pops up.

This tutorial will teach you what the symptoms are, and what to do about it when you see a symptom.

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