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Never Fire Anyone Again

There are many tutorial teachings in the TMS, Truby Management System, that prevent needing a tool such as this one. Nevertheless, there may come a time when you need to take the steps to terminate an employee. If so, this is the tool to use.

The process taught in this tutorial is HR friendly, even Union friendly. It is about clearly “leading an accountable person” and “managing by agreements” leaving the choice to the employee.

The tool in this tutorial is a respectful way of leading a person, using clear communication, to understand clearly what is expected, agree to expected outcomes, and step up to them, or step out if they can’t, don’t, or won’t live up to the expectations.

The process is such a freeing one for leaders. It doesn’t take long. When the employee isn’t cutting it, they are the first to know (even before the leader), and it is based completely on agreements, respect, and choice. And the good news? Using this process OFTEN has the employee step up, instead of stepping out.

Duration – 10:38

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