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TMS Step 1: Bonding – the Basics

Learn about the science of bonding – where it comes from, how to create bonding, plus what to avoid so you won’t destroy the ability to bond.

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TMS Step 1: Bonding – Leading with Influence

How to Lead People You Influence Without Having Authority

Simple things you can to do create a sense of bonding with people you influence – but, with whom, you don’t have authority. The interaction and information you gather during this step will also be helpful in other steps.

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TMS Step 1: Bonding – Leading a Team

How to Use the Concepts of Bonding to Build a Team.

All high-performing teams have an initial process that is used to create a sense of belonging, and bondedness to others in the team. This training shows you a specific exercise to conduct to achieve that.

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TMS Step 1: Bonding – Leading a Company

How to Use the Concepts of Bonding to Lead a Company

Turnover is reduced, good talent is attracted, and there is a greater sense of “ownership” and initiative created when a company has practices that create a sense of bondedness with the company and its mission. This training shows you simple things to do to create that.

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