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How to Motivate People

Can you motivate others? Some say, “no!” All you can do is provide a motivational environment. Whether a person is motivated or not is a personal matter, housed in the psyche of the individual.

We disagree!

There are plenty of studies that prove you can motivate a person. However, there are varying opinions as to how. And, many methods are not sustainable, in fact, they can be de-motivating after a time. Take a pay increase, for example. Studies prove that the “motivation” surrounding a raise only lasts for a very few months. Then if you don’t give another raise in a reasonable amount of time, the person feels “de-motivated” – “What, they don’t care anymore?!?!”

This tutorial will show you five, clear, simple, and powerful methods to motivate people. These methods touch the very core of a person’s identity and sense of belonging. They are pure. Non-manipulative. And sustainable.

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