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TMS Step 7: Using Systems to Lead a Team

Five ways of doing something right…is wrong…if all five are attempted at the same time. You’ll never hear a football quarterback in the huddle say, “Let’s run these five plays at the same time. Surely one of them will work.”

It’s clearly a commonsense conclusion – teams need an aligned way to achieve work. However, this simple and important tool is often not done. Different project teams in an architectural firm can be conducting their projects in different ways. Delivery drivers from a lumber supply company can use different methodologies in their work.

And when differences occur, even if BOTH ways are appropriate, there is inefficiency, misunderstandings, confusion…even customers starting to limit how the company can work. “I only want Jim to do my deliveries. He always places the materials just the way I like it.” This training shows you how to overtly define and design efficiency systems that are good for everybody.

Duration – 10:56

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