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Legacy Learning – How to Remember a Name

It seems to be a universal complaint, “I can remember faces, but I can’t remember names.” And that complaint became the catalyst for Bill Truby to use his psychology background and develop a simple, easy-to-use system for remembering names. And the good news? It’s based on the SAME process the brain uses to remember faces. So…if you can remember faces, you will be able to remember names.

It has been so satisfying to see 30 people in a room, each person hears everyone else’s name for the first time, then remembers…EVERYONE’S name. Yes, all 30 names. It’s no trick. Nor is our system based on some memory system. It’s leveraging a system your brain already uses to remember something visually. How many times did it take you to SEE a new item in a store, or on vacation, to remember it. Once. Right? Bill teaches you to use that same mental processing to remember names.

In this training, you will destroy two “lies” that prevent you from remembering names. Then you will learn a four-step system, that is implemented in lightning speed, to easily remember anyone’s name – even after meeting them for the first time and hearing their name once.

Duration – 14:03

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