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TMS Step 2: The Science and Basics of Agreements

Want to know what makes relationships work? It’s agreements. This tutorial training shows you why that is, and how to achieve it.
Duration – 7:23

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TMS Step 2: Using Agreements to Lead with Influence

The process and tool of engaging “Agreements” takes virtually no time at all, yet dramatically improves outcomes and relationships. Learn how to use the “power of the question” to make it happen with those you influence.
Duration – 5:15

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TMS Step 2: Using Agreements to Lead a Team

Your team will never be the same again when you engage your team in 10 agreements, including the “King of Agreements.” Learn a specific tool and methodology to quickly implement them and get immediate results.
Duration – 10:30

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TMS Step 2: Using Agreements to Lead a Company

This training shows you how to make certain “agreements” be a condition of being a part of the company…agreement that people welcome, are proud of, and want to perpetuate. This kind of culture is attractive to new hires, and gives a sense of pride to those within the ranks.
Duration – 7:41

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Contract of Expectations

A Contract of Expectations (COE) is the king of agreements. It has single-handedly transformed teams and entire businesses.
Duration – 11:19

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