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Communication and Personality Types

At the heart of every interaction is communication. The quality of that communication dictates the quality of the relationship – be it in your personal life, or your professional life. Communication is the absolute core skill and tool for success – or lack thereof. Leaders and lovers need to understand how to engage with another person to have a meaningful interaction and successful outcomes.

This tutorial will show you why personality clashes occur. How to prevent them. And how to use the wisdom of awareness to be a better leader – or person. You’ll learn how to predict, and therefore prevent, the difficult situations that make for ineffective interaction in leaders and teams, as well as your personal life.

This particular training is one that has been requested the most in the past four decades, and, indeed, has made the most difference for individuals and companies. The reason? At the core of all businesses and relationships is people. And, at the core of those people’s interactions is communication.

This entertaining tutorial will reveal the inherent difficulties in the communication process, how personality types play a huge part in communication, and teach you a simple tool to ensure healthier communication – and therefore relationships – in all walks of life.

Duration – 52:41

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