Learn about the Incredible Power in the Leadership Role.

The Power in the Chair

For decades, the world has focused on building better leaders. Why? Because “nothing trickles up.” As goes the leaders, so goes the company. That fact is undeniable.

Most people don’t realize the unintended consequences they create by not understanding “the power in the chair.” This tutorial motivates and inspires a person who is in a leadership role to understand the impact they have on others. And…quite frankly…this video often stuns the viewer.

Understanding the hidden power in the leadership role, helps you maximize your leadership potential, and prevent unintended negative consequences.

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Tutorial Quiz Introduction (The Power in the Chair)

This quiz contains 4 questions that have been randomly selected from 10 possible questions. If you watched the tutorial, it should be easy. You can retake the quiz as many times as you want. Your activity log will show each time that you completed the quiz (and the results).

The following five grades are possible:

  • A – All Righty Then (4/4 correct)
  • B – Better Than Most (3/4 correct)
  • C – Could Have Done Better (2/4 correct)
  • D – Didn’t Do the Best You Could (1/4 correct)
  • F – Failed to Watch the Tutorial (0/4 correct)

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