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Passive Aggressive Behavior

You can’t put your finger on it, but it is very difficult to deal with some people. The issues aren’t clear. The communication is mushy. The difficulty in dealing with the person is consistent. And the anxiety, sometimes anger, associated with interacting is often there – though not easy to explain as to why it’s there.

This training on “passive aggressive behavior” is clarifying for many leaders. They finally understand why certain people are difficult, and why the reasons for the difficulty have been hard to spot. Understanding these interactions is often freeing for the leader. Further, it helps them realize, “I’m not crazy, there IS a reason for this,” plus it teaches you what to do about it.

In brief, in this tutorial, you will learn why passive aggressive behavior is hard to spot. But it becomes much easier to identify it when you learn the underlying dynamics of what’s going on. And when you do, you will not only be free of being a victim of this behavior, you will also know how to fix it in the moment.

Duration – 3:27

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