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When you listen to famous leaders, successful leaders, leaders who are in the public eye a lot – you begin to hear themes they emphasize. And they do that until the content of the theme becomes a way of life. This is called “Championing.”

All influential leaders champion one to three ideas at a time, consistently, creatively, and with motivation. Repetitively bringing up what the leader believes in, or wants to see in the team or company, not only shows importance to the content, it is a reminder of the content. And this consistent Championing bears results.

Teams who hear what the leader wants, why the leader wants it, how to implement it, and why it is important – can’t ignore the content. And when something is that present, and that prevalent, it can’t help but have an impact. People tend to see it as an expectation. Something to calibrate by. A talking point – all of which creates change.

It is important, therefore, for the leader to CHOOSE his or her championing points. Speak about them consciously. Celebrate moments of successful implementation. And remind how the content would benefit when exposing a problem area.

Championing works – for many reasons – and not just because it is repetitive.

Duration – 4:37

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