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ROI Thinking

When you were born, you automatically possessed “ROI Thinking” – you wanted a “return on investment” for anything and everything. Whether you spent time, money, energy or any other resource you had, you wanted it to equal the “return” in the transaction. Spend 25 cents on cotton candy at the carnival, and you wanted a nice BIG blob on your stick. If it was just a little bit, you said, “That isn’t fair!”

Now, stir in the situation where someone else got a BIGGER “return.” That only served to drive you with greater energy to get “what you deserved!”

That’s the kind of thinking that is beneficial at work, especially for leaders. You should want to get a full and fair return on any resource you spend – your time, attention, energy, money, etc. But often we don’t. And what’s worse, our team members “settle” for not getting a decent return, too.

This tutorial teaches you about these dynamics and simply shifts your mindset from just “doing your work” to “getting a return on your investment” …. of YOU and your energy, resources and time.

Duration – 2:40

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