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Delegation System

If you are leading a high-performing team, delegation is not a luxury – it is a requirement. To function at the best performance, each person on a team understands what is delegated to them and what outcomes are expected. Yet, delegation is often NOT done, or done in such a way that accountability is weak.

The tool you will view and implement in this tutorial training has decades of proven success. It covers every eventuality you could encounter in the delegation process. Not only does it prevent problems (or lack of follow through), it shows you how to fix the problem if it occurs.

Additionally, you will learn the four reasons (and there are only four) that a person may not follow through on a delegated task or project. You will understand the process of finding out which reason caused the dropped ball, plus how to address it so it never happens again.

Delegation leverages leadership. Learn how to do it with ease and successful results – every time!

Duration – 9:20

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