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TMS Step 3: Structure – the Basics

Learn how “structure” is a part of every aspect of life – and how it applies to business, teams and success.

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TMS Step 3: Structure – Leading with Influence

How Structure Fits into Relationships with People You Influence

Clarity of roles and responsibilities is important in any relationship, yet it is often not clearly defined with those we interact with. This training shows you how to gently clarify roles in your relationship, and thereby reduce or eliminate conflict.

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TMS Step 3: Structure – Leading a Team

How Structure Creates Ownership and Sets Boundaries

In this training, you learn how to use an Org Chart as a tool to create clarity of ownership and responsibilities. You will also learn how to use specific dynamics in an Org Chart to improve initiative, motivation and set boundaries – to not take what’s not yours, and not give away what is.

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TMS Step 3: Structure – Leading a Company

Organizing for Smooth, Efficient Operations

In this training, you will learn how an Org Chart at a company level can help improve outcomes, as well as efficient operations and interactions between departments.

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