Contract of Expectations

A Contract of Expectations (COE) is the king of agreements. It has single-handedly transformed teams and entire businesses.
Duration - 11:19

Accountability Core Training Duration - 10-15 minutes
TMS Step 7: Using Systems to Lead a Team

Creating Efficiency and Smooth Operations with Systems - Teams often get stuck in the way they do things – and often the default systems and processes are not efficient. This training will teach you the four areas where systems need to exist – plus how to create efficient ones to do the job.
Duration - 10:56

Core Training Duration - 10-15 minutes Truby Management System
TMS Step 3: Using Structure to Lead a Team

How Structure Creates Ownership and Sets Boundaries - In this training, you learn how to use an Org Chart as a tool to create clarity of ownership and responsibilities. You will also learn how to use specific dynamics in an Org Chart to improve initiative, motivation and set boundaries – to not take what’s not yours, and not give away what is.
Duration - 11:17

Core Training Duration - 10-15 minutes Truby Management System
TMS Step 2: Using Agreements to Lead a Team

How Agreements Create a High-Performing Team - Your team will never be the same again when you engage your team in 10 agreements, including the “King of Agreements.” Learn a specific tool and methodology to quickly implement them and get immediate results.
Duration - 10:30

Core Training Duration - 10-15 minutes Truby Management System
Stress Management

Stress that is not managed can lead to burnout, a more serious condition. In any case, stress can prevent you from being an effective leader. Why? Because it limits your energy, narrows your perspective, and affects your interactions with others. This tutorial will help you.
Duration - 14:09

Personal Life Duration - 10-15 minutes Stress
Discovering Your Purpose

People are happier if they are consciously living their purpose. But few people know what their purpose is...or even how to find it. This tutorial shows you how. And when you use the training to find and live your purpose, you will experience a greater meaning, and more fulfillment in life.
Duration - 10:33

Personal Life Duration - 10-15 minutes
Never Fire Anyone Again

If you follow all the instructions in many other trainings within the Truby Management System, you will rarely have to use the tool in this tutorial. Nevertheless, there may come a time when you have a team member who just isn't cutting it. If that's the case, this is the tool.
Duration - 10:38

Accountability Duration - 10-15 minutes People Management
Marketing Model

Growing your business isn't about just trying to sell more. It's about maximizing your "value" - and ensuring that value is unique, wanted, hard for others to compete with. Then, it's about creating a compelling set of messages and methods to get the word out. Good news...this method works!
Duration - 11:47

Marketing Duration - 10-15 minutes
What is a Team?

Because how you think, determines what you do, a team of people need to share the same mindset. This is important for alignment AND behavior. This tutorial reveals mental models held by many of today's teams that can damage teams and limit their success.
Duration - 11:34

Team Management Duration - 10-15 minutes
TMS Implementation – Tips and Cautions

Learn from experience - 40 years of experience. This tutorial will share with you some tips and cautions about implementing the Truby Management System.
Duration - 11:48

Truby Management System Core Training Duration - 10-15 minutes
Dangers of Discounting

Learn about the dangers and disasters of unnecessary discounting. Though these consequences are unintended, what's worse, they are little known. Awareness can have a dramatic effect on the sales process... AND your bottom line.
Duration - 11:15

Business Management Duration - 10-15 minutes Profitability
Dealing with Low Performers

How to deal with low performers, and eliminate low performance in your team in as little as one month - possibly less!
Duration - 12:35

People Management Duration - 10-15 minutes Team Management