Legacy Learning – How to Remember a Name

People LOVE it when you remember their name. And HATE it when they can’t remember a name. Truby Training to the rescue! This tutorial training teaches you a simple system to easily remember names.
Duration - 14:03

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How to Improve Motivation by Understanding Your Subconscious

When you go to the sink to get a drink of water, are you going to quench your thirst, or to prevent yourself from getting thirsty? This article will help you better understand and learn how to improve your motivation (or affect others) by better understanding your subconscious.

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How to Improve a Relationship… By Changing You

Don’t like the way the people around you act? Wondering how to improve a relationship? Start with yourself!

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Professional Development

Sometimes we aren’t fixing problems, we just want some professional development. If you, or one of your team members, are on this path, use this skillset. It contains handpicked video trainings designed to develop and improve someone who wants to grow.

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Sanity-Saving Tips for Working from Home

Are you stuck, working from home, leading a remote team? These tips can help you be a more productive, healthy AND sane person while working from home.

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Find a Business Coach – Three Elements of a Good Coaching Experience

The best athletes in the world get coached – why? To get better. The “Top” is a moving target. You don’t get coached primarily for training or just to fix a problem. You get coaching and you keep getting coaching to provide the constant renewal needed to be the best and stay the best.

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How to Start a Relationship Safely

This Relationship Guide is a way to protect and build a relationship more safely.

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Personal Mastery

Often called "emotional intelligence", our Personal Mastery Skillset will help you become confident and free, work with purpose, and give you the ability to interact well with others.

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Stress Management

Stress that is not managed can lead to burnout, a more serious condition. In any case, stress can prevent you from being an effective leader. Why? Because it limits your energy, narrows your perspective, and affects your interactions with others. This tutorial will help you.
Duration - 14:09

Personal Life Duration - 10-15 minutes Stress
Discovering Your Purpose

People are happier if they are consciously living their purpose. But few people know what their purpose is...or even how to find it. This tutorial shows you how. And when you use the training to find and live your purpose, you will experience a greater meaning, and more fulfillment in life.
Duration - 10:33

Personal Life Duration - 10-15 minutes
Breaking Habits

We all have habits. Some good. Some bad. A leader with a bad habit is problematic, because that negative behavior and/or consequence from the bad habit, affects the entire team - probably the entire company. This tutorial teaches you how to break habits - for good!
Duration - 9:21

Personal Life Duration - 8-10 minutes Leadership
You Can’t Fail

If you use the tool and perspective in this tutorial, you simply cannot fail at achieving your goal. You learn how to practice this simple process, and you will learn how you don't have to beat yourself up if/when you get off track.
Duration - 4:44

Mindset Duration - 3-5 minutes Personal Life
How to Have a Healthy Self-Esteem

This tutorial is freeing. It shows you where you received your initial self-esteem, and shows you how to have a healthy self-esteem, quickly. This teaching has been a foundation of leadership and personal development for decades. It is unique to Bill Truby. And it works!
Duration - 26:24

Personal Life Duration - over 15 minutes Leadership
Live a Balanced Life

For many leaders, life is out of balance. And often they can't figure out why, except the "obvious" - that their work life is taking up too much of their time. But there's more to it. This tutorial shows you the seven areas of life where you need fulfillment in order to feel balanced.
Duration - 8:26

Personal Life Duration - 8-10 minutes
Unwanted Realities

There are things in life that are irritating, frustrating and can be downright angering. Even in our business and team, we can have recurring dynamics that don't change. How do we deal with those? This tutorial will help you assess the likeliness of change, and what to do if change can't occur.
Duration - 6:27

Personal Life Duration - 5-8 minutes Mindset