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Conflict Management – 4 Step System

Summary of the 4-step system to deal with conflict (from the "Conflict Management" tutorial).

Conflict Resolution Leadership
Conflict Management

We all experience conflict often... or do we? This tutorial will help you determine what “conflict” really is. Then you will learn how to manage, resolve and even prevent conflict.
Duration - 30:23

Conflict Resolution Duration - over 15 minutes
Legacy Learning – Conflict Management

Legacy Learning - Conflict Management (produced in the early 2000s)
Duration - 1:35:26

Legacy Learning Conflict Resolution Duration - over 15 minutes
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A Six-Step Process to Manage and Resolve Conflict

If you patiently follow a basic, six-step system, and not try to get resolution prematurely, you can magically reap win/win results during a conflict.

Conflict Resolution