Truby Management System Revealed (aka Leadership Masterclass)

This is THE core training of Truby Achievements. Our free gift to the world. Follow this Management System, and you will build a high-performing team, plus reap abundant success in your business.
Duration - 1:06:18

Business Management Duration - over 15 minutes Team Management Truby Management System
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How to Improve Motivation by Understanding Your Subconscious

When you go to the sink to get a drink of water, are you going to quench your thirst, or to prevent yourself from getting thirsty? This article will help you better understand and learn how to improve your motivation (or affect others) by better understanding your subconscious.

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Team Celebration – Party with a Purpose

Would you like to learn how to party with a purpose, i.e. hold a team celebration? I’ll show you how to do that AND improve yourself in the process!

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Symptoms for a Lack of Teamwork

This document gives you a list of symptoms to watch for in your team. Any ONE of them indicates a lack of (or at least a weakness in) your High-Performing Team Dynamics. 

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Legacy Learning – Teamwork

Legacy Learning - Teamwork (produced in the early 2000s)

Duration - over 15 minutes Legacy Learning Team Management

Team members who work together well…work together well. But that doesn’t just happen. Good leadership and management are important to facilitate this kind of teamwork. The team member needs to understand and practice some basic skills, too.

Team Management
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Teamwork Synergy – Get More Done with Less

Teamwork truly allows you to do more with less. With true teamwork you need less people and fewer resources to achieve phenomenal outcomes. We’ve proved it over and over in team training exercises. This phenomenon is called “Synergy” – but what is synergy?

Team Management
New Hires / New Team Members

Bringing new team members onto an existing team is inevitable. But HOW that process is done can either strengthen the team, or erode its success and dynamics. The tutorials in this skillset are designed to quickly bring the new hire into alignment with the beliefs and behaviors of your team.

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Learned Helplessness

Research findings about a concept called "Learned Helplessness" teach us about some dynamics that can paralyze our team. If any aspect of learned helplessness exists, it prevents the team from being successful, growing, or even dealing with problems. Learn how to fix this here.
Duration - 8:48

Duration - 8-10 minutes Team Management

It's important to celebrate achievements. In fact, high-performing teams celebrate ALL achievements. But it's not just about having a party. We have designed a 4-part celebration process that is not only fun for the team to look forward to, it actually improves them.
Duration - 6:34

Duration - 5-8 minutes Team Management
Meeting Management

Ineffective meetings seem to be a big time waster in America. Often leaders don't know how to hold a meaningful, effective meeting. There are two pieces of evidence: 1) Too many meetings on the calendar, and 2) People don't desire meetings. Fix these problems with this training.
Duration - 7:30

Duration - 5-8 minutes Meeting Team Management
Building a Task Team – for Senior Managers

Designed with more in-depth teaching for senior managers, this tutorial shows you how a task team is an amazing tool to help analyze a problem, define and design a solution, or conduct a project process.
Duration - 8:35

Delegation Duration - 8-10 minutes Team Management
Building a Task Team

A task team is an amazing tool to help analyze a problem, define and design a solution, or conduct a project process. This simple teaching has created involvement and a greater sense of "ownership" in team members who help the leader deal with issues in the team or company.
Duration - 5:34

Delegation Duration - 5-8 minutes Team Management
The Problem Slayer

Tired of the same negative problem happening over and over again? Then it's time to slay that dragon. This tutorial has solved the problem of recurring problems, negative issues that keep popping up, and repeated mistakes. Simply use "The Problem Slayer."
Duration - 3:35

Duration - 3-5 minutes Leadership Team Management
The Psychology of Play

Fun at work? It's been shown that people who have a sense of "fun" at work have better morale, greater retention rates, and are even more productive. This tutorial reveals how to do that. How you do it might surprise you.
Duration - 5:09

Duration - 5-8 minutes People Management Team Management