Communication and Personality Types

The inherent difficulties in communication and how personality differences create relationship problems. Learn what personality type you are and how to get along with others.
Duration - 52:41

Communication Core Training Duration - over 15 minutes Personality
resource Self-Assessment
Personality Type Assessment

Assessment to learn your personality type (same as the public version of the Personality Type Assessment but with internal tracking for Members)

Personality Communication
Legacy Learning – Personality Types

Legacy Learning - Personality Types (produced in the early 2000s)
Duration - 57:07

Legacy Learning Duration - over 15 minutes Personality
resource Tool
Better Understanding and Relating to Temperament Types Guide

A detailed summary of the four temperament types and a guide to predicting how each temperament type acts, what motivates them, how to sell them on an idea or a product, and how to anticipate their questions.

resource Summary
History of Personality Types Terminology

A brief summary of the history of personality type terminology, why Truby Achievements uses four temperament types, and where these temperament types originate.