Contract of Expectations

A Contract of Expectations (COE) is the king of agreements. It has single-handedly transformed teams and entire businesses.
Duration - 11:19

Accountability Core Training Duration - 10-15 minutes
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Mistakes are OK… Really… As Long as You Don’t Make 3 Additional Mistakes

Mistakes are ok. Really. Your mistakes are just as much an indicator of your success as your achievements. The key is to not make three common additional mistakes when you DO make a mistake.

Dealing with Difficulties

No matter how hard you try to prevent problems, because teams are made up of human beings, you will undoubtedly encounter difficulties. This skillset will help you instantly know how to deal with any difficulty that may arise.

Accountability People
Never Fire Anyone Again

If you follow all the instructions in many other trainings within the Truby Management System, you will rarely have to use the tool in this tutorial. Nevertheless, there may come a time when you have a team member who just isn't cutting it. If that's the case, this is the tool.
Duration - 10:38

Accountability Duration - 10-15 minutes People Management
Four Reasons for Lack of Follow-Through

Leaders often encounter team members who don't follow through. Though many leaders don't have the wisdom to not only determine the reason (and there are only four) as well as to apply the appropriate fix. This tutorial fixes all of that.
Duration - 4:00

Accountability Duration - 3-5 minutes Team Management
Trust and Accountability

Communication and trust are the two most important ingredients on a team. This tutorial shows you how to build an accountability trail built on trust, and what to do if trust is broken.
Duration - 19:39

Accountability Duration - over 15 minutes Team Management
Delegation System

A tool that addresses every eventuality in a delegation process to ensure 100% success. You can have successful delegation EVERY time!
Duration - 9:20

Delegation Accountability Duration - 8-10 minutes