resource Recorded Webinar
Truby Achievements Zoominar Recording – Three Rules That Change Your Staff Instantly

Recording of the Zoominar in October 2021 (open to members and guests) to learn three rules that change your staff instantly… But there’s a twist – these rules are for YOU, not your staff.

Leadership People Management
resource Summary
Conflict Management – 4 Step System

Summary of the 4-step system to deal with conflict (from the "Conflict Management" tutorial).

Conflict Resolution Leadership
resource Guide
Leadership Guide: 10 BIG Mistakes Leaders Make

Don't sabotage your own leadership - Learn the top 10 BIG mistakes leaders make and why each of them is important to correct. The list is developed from 40 years of working with companies of all sizes and coaching hundreds of individual leaders. And, the “best thing” about these mistakes? It’s often easy to fix them once you acknowledge and accept that you are making them.

resource Infographic
Summary of the 5 Key Principles in the Power of the Chair

Want a quick reminder of the 5 Key Principles from the Power in the Chair tutorial? Download this 8.5×11″ infographic.

resource Workbook
Leadership Evaluation

Workbook with instructions and worksheets for using the Leadership Assessment as an evaluation for your, or a team members, leadership effectiveness.

resource Article
10 Tips for How to Lead in a Crisis

Are you an overwhelmed leader trying to take care of your team? We have been helping hundreds of leaders just like you. In our one-on-one meetings, we have distilled the essence of our suggestions into ten tips.

Leadership Crisis
Legacy Learning – Leadership

Legacy Learning - Leadership (produced in the early 2000s)
Duration - 1:08:37

Legacy Learning Duration - over 15 minutes Leadership
resource Article
Find a Business Coach – Three Elements of a Good Coaching Experience

The best athletes in the world get coached – why? To get better. The “Top” is a moving target. You don’t get coached primarily for training or just to fix a problem. You get coaching and you keep getting coaching to provide the constant renewal needed to be the best and stay the best.

Personal Life Leadership
resource Article
Shipwreck – A Lesson in Leadership

How can a story about a shipwreck lead to a lesson in leadership? Find out...

Leadership Mindset

Leadership is THE power that determines the success (or lack thereof) of a company. But a leader acts from how he or she thinks. This training is about the importance of a leadership mindset.

Leadership Leadership
Creative Flexibility

There are five important leadership characteristics, one of which is creative flexibility. This tutorial teaches you how your brain functions when it comes to creativity, and how to practice exercises to increase your ability to be flexible and creative. Today's world demands this trait.
Duration - 7:08

Leadership Duration - 5-8 minutes
Breaking Habits

We all have habits. Some good. Some bad. A leader with a bad habit is problematic, because that negative behavior and/or consequence from the bad habit, affects the entire team - probably the entire company. This tutorial teaches you how to break habits - for good!
Duration - 9:21

Personal Life Duration - 8-10 minutes Leadership
Mind Shifts

Need something to change? Want to change it quickly? Want the change to last? Using a "Mind Shift" is the quickest way to evoke change. Not only is it nearly instantaneous, but it is also predictably sustainable. Learn where you can use a mind shift to create change, and how to do it.
Duration - 4:59

Mindset Duration - 3-5 minutes Leadership
How to Have a Healthy Self-Esteem

This tutorial is freeing. It shows you where you received your initial self-esteem, and shows you how to have a healthy self-esteem, quickly. This teaching has been a foundation of leadership and personal development for decades. It is unique to Bill Truby. And it works!
Duration - 26:24

Personal Life Duration - over 15 minutes Leadership
Five Things Leaders Manage

There are five things a leader SHOULD manage - yet three take a front row seat, while the other two get shoved to the back. Yet the two categories of management we're talking about have a dramatic effect on everything. Learn what the five are; and how to not neglect any.
Duration - 2:05

Business Management Duration - under 3 minutes Leadership