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Are You an Elephant or Alligator? (Truby Tip about Being Other-Centered and Listening)

In the realm of constant communication, where every exchange is a delicate balance of connection and expression, one invaluable lesson stands out: the importance of adopting an elephant’s approach amidst a sea of alligator-like tendencies

Achieve Greater Productivity and Better Decision-Making with a Simple Perspective Shift

A Harvard Economist, Sendhil Mullainathan, partnered with a Princeton psychologist, Eldar Shafir, and found that a scarcity of anything affects you, often in ways you are not aware of. They…

The Great Resignation

Video Transcript I’ve read so much about the “Great Resignation”. People resigning for better jobs, for more money. Or just to get another place to work. And I get upset…

Tips to Influence People You Don’t Manage

Content and recording from the “Tips While You Sip – Coffee Break with Bill Truby” event on April 19, 2022 Take-Away Tip Learn how to use “The Power of the…

Four Reasons for Lack of Follow Through

Video Transcript There are four reasons why somebody wouldn’t follow through: Lack of awareness. Lack of training. Lack of resources. And lack of accountability. The first one, some glitch in…

Tips to Eliminate Unruly Staff

Content and recording from the “Tips While You Sip – Coffee Break with Bill Truby” event on April 19, 2022 Take-Away Tips Three-Step Process to Eliminate Unruly Staff: Own it…

Effective Hiring – Nine Questions to Hire the Right Person for the Job

“Perfect person,” you think. This candidate looks and sounds like just the person you want in that vacant job position. “But…how can I be sure?” you wonder. Obviously, the probation…

Customer Service and Quality Won’t Help You

Video Transcript Don’t expect customer service and quality to be what causes your business to be different or to cause customers to come to you. It’s a given. It’s an…

Teamwork Synergy – Get More Done with Less

Teamwork truly allows you to do more with less. With true teamwork, you need fewer people and fewer resources to achieve phenomenal outcomes. We’ve proved it over and over in…

Manage and Resolve Conflict – A Six-Step Process

Is conflict a part of your life? If it is, this article will help you deal with it effectively. Even if it’s as dangerous a situation as this story relates….

Setting Business Goals – Where to Look Makes a Difference

I never would have thought that a childhood activity in an apple orchard would be the inspiration for an important business goal. Tall grass, apple trees, and the advice of…

How Lighting Changes the Messages

A “behind the scenes” story from Truby Achievements There’s an old saying, “The clothes make the man.” Kind of cheesy, right? But think about it… I’ve read research and seen…

What is Your Value?

What Do Your Customers Actually Buy? What you sell is often NOT what your customers are buying… An architectural firm thought they were selling innovative and award-winning design. When their…

8 Traits To Look For When Hiring a New Team Member/Employee

While conducting an Ethics training recently, I made the point, “If two people aren’t matched in their ethics, the relationship won’t last.” I gave illustrations about employees and/or leaders who…

How to Manage Low Performers

Discover the transformative power of dealing with low performers in this comprehensive guide. Uncover the ripple effects of low performance on your team and learn a step-by-step approach to manage and eliminate it, fostering a culture of accountability and high performance.

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