Are You Battling The Great Resignation? (Truby Tip)

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Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Bill Truby

Battling the Great Resignation? Ditch the generational blame game. Building a bonded team – one that values its people – can slash turnover.  This creates a respected, motivated environment, keeping your team loyal and thriving, even battling outside offers.

Direct Video Transcript

I’ve read so much about the “Great Resignation.”

People resigning for better jobs, for more money. Or just to get another place to work.

And I get upset when people say the answer is to know how to deal with the generation that you’re dealing with. “How do I deal with Millenials? How do I deal with Gen Z?” and all these different generations.

The best way to deal with these different generations is to treat them like real valuable people.

I have never seen a situation where when there is bondedness, people leave that for more money, a different place, a different
position. Any type of a tight team, or family, or bonded group of people like Navy Seals, or a football team.

You don’t leave just because you want better pay or a different position.

In fact, it’s just the opposite.

I’ve seen over and over, I could tell you countless stories of people who went for more money and then came back because of how they’re treated.

The solution to the Great Resignation is bondedness.

Treating people like valuable people. Giving them appreciation.

Now does that mean we don’t pay attention to the different generations and different agendas and needs and interests. No. We pay attention.

But only in the context of it being a communication connection.

If you have a Japanese American, an old school Italian American, a Hawaiian, someone from Tennessee, various people from
different places in the world, they have different interests. Different needs. Different challenges.

However they work on the same team, same rules, same goals, same expectations in their various roles. They may be talked to differently. They might be even given different perks if you will.

But they can not be treated differently otherwise you start segmenting your team.

Treat people with appreciation, value, honor, respect.

Give them rules. Give them challenges. Give them expectations. Pull them together in a high-performing team.

And give them an achievement to accomplish. And they will stick by you.

You will not have that “Great Resignation” with that kind of a team.

Bill Truby

Founder and President of Truby Achievements