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– Matthew Damos, P.E., Water Agency Engineer. Sonoma County Water Agency

Achievement Nudge Example

Do you feel trapped? If you do, consider this; are you truly “the trapped one” or are you “the trapper”?

Achieve Freedom by Letting Go

There are stories from ancient India and Asia that tell about an ingenious way to trap a monkey. A person would hollow out a gourd and drop a banana or another bit of food in it. Since the top of the gourd is smaller than the bottom, when a monkey reached down the neck of the gourd to grab the banana, the hand clenched around the food was now too big to pull free. Now…since the monkey didn’t want to let go of the food…it was trapped.

If the monkey dropped the banana, he would be free. Instead, the monkey trapped himself because he refused to let go. Was the monkey trapped? Or was the monkey, indeed, the trapper?!

What is your hand clenched around? An incompetent employee, a needy friend, a dysfunctional relationship? Is it a worrisome memory, jealousy, a harbored hurt? What about that clutter, that habit, that job, that pet, that…that…that “whatever” that empties your resources, drains your energy and keeps you from doing or being what you really WANT to do and be?

So…I ask again, do you feel trapped? It may be possible, even likely, that you ARE trapped because you refuse to let go of something or someone that your hand or heart is tightly clenched around.

I am amazed, even appalled, at how often our problems are self-generated, or how often the solution to our problem lies within easy reach. Too often we stay trapped, when stopping the self-generated problem is sitting right there on our shoulder.

The Nudge is obvious, then. If you feel trapped, and you are the trapper; stop monkeying around and let go!